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CAF’s Consolidated PBY-6A Catalina Restoration Update

Great article by Warbirds News!

Over the years, the Commemorative Air Force has owned and operated five different PBY Catalinas, but unfortunately the type has so far not enjoyed much longevity with the organization with PBY-6A Bu.64000 being written off in a crash in 1975; PBY-5A Bu.46590 succumbing to corrosion in 1984 (and now parted out); PBY-6A Bu.63998 being written off in an accident in 1986; and in a bizarre twist of fate, PBY-6A Bu.64097 was flipped on its back in a heavy storm in May, 1998. Her replacement, PBY-6A Bu.64092, flew for a few years while still in its firebomber configuration, but again, significant fuselage corrosion grounded her as well.

However, the CAF has never given up on the Catalina, which played such a crucial role in WWII, both in long-range reconnaissance and U-boat suppression, not to mention Air Sea Rescue and other vital activities. The CAF’s Lake Superior Squadron, based in Duluth, Minnesota, is currently hard at work restoring a PBY back to flying condition.

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