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History of our PBY

pby-leversThe unit members of the CAF Lake Superior Squadron are continuing the amazing restoration of their Consolidated PBY-6A Catalina. Their restoration has become a rallying point in their community, with several other aviation organizations stepping up to help push this project across the finish line.


The PBY Catalina is an unsung hero from World War II. It played an incredibly important role, particularly in the Pacific where they were responsible for tracking the Japanese fleet, and hunting the enemy’s supply ships at night. The CAF acquired PBY N7179Y in February 1994, and for 4 years it was able to tell exciting stories about the war fought across the vast Pacific Ocean. In May 1998 a violent storm struck, flipping the aircraft onto its back and catastrophically damaging the wing. Faced with the unthinkable prospect of not having a flying PBY in the CAF, the Lake Superior Squadron assumed the challenge of replacing the wing. In the fall of 2009 the wing from another PBY was successfully mated to the hull from N7179Y, and work has continued on the restoration since.