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The Squadron’s PBY

du-8-7-05-025Since 2009 we have been restoring a Consolidated Catalina PBY 6-A as we strive to resurrect the PBY to give it the look and feel of what it would have looked like in June 1942 prior to the Battle of Midway. The PBY will be restored to flight status and tour the United States for all spectators to enjoy.  The PBY Catalina served with every branch of the US military and several other Allied air forces.  Its flight units were sent on missions as submarine hunters, night bombers and for search and rescue, reconnaissance, and, convoy escort and transport.

To date these are the following major restoration activities that have occurred since undertaking this project in 2009:

  • With the help of Cirrus the red plane wing and motors were joined with the blue fuselage.
  • A completely new tail section and ailerons were installed on the fuselage.
  • All fabric has been removed from lifting surfaces as well as the complete wing which is over 104 feet in width, wider than a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.
  • All electrical systems and hydraulic systems have been restored.
  • The closed nose has been modified and now includes a totally restored, than sot the 148 Fighter Wing, and it will be outfitted with two Kevlar 0.30 caliber machine guns.
  • The inside of the aircraft has been stripped and ready for primer and paint.
  • Landing floats have been rebuilt.
  • Major Work Remaining to Be Done on The PBY
  • Both Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp Engines need to be rebuilt. Variable pitch propellers need to be rebuilt.
  • Replacement tires for main gear and nose gear need to be acquired and installed.
  • Aircraft surface needs to be painted as does the inside of the cabin.
  • Main landing gear and nose gear need to be rebuilt.