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About the Musuem

Armed Forces Museum

pacific-gearOur Armed Forces Museum was started by squadron volunteers in 2001 and has since grown has to offer over 3,000 historic artifacts ranging from the Civil War to today in an over 2,400 square foot area. This museum, staffed by all volunteers, is open Wednesdays and Saturdays year round but with some reduced hours during the winter. In addition to the museum there are vintage military vehicles displayed and well as a working flight simulator for the kids.

The museum which sees thousands of visitors each year also hosts many tours for dozens organizations in the course of a year and has a military library.

The museum houses valuable and irreplaceable historical memorabilia and artifacts, the preservation of which depends on a secure and weather-proof environment which at the present is compromised by a leaky roof and deterioration of exterior walls.

This structure, owned by Duluth Airport Authority, is in need of both financial and professional help to alleviate the water problem and continue its asset as a viable attraction and contribute to the city’s economy.

While it is possible to relocate the Armed Forces Museum to another facility, it will take away from the “all-in-one” location that Hangar 101 affords us today, keeping history alive.

Hangar 101 is one of the few facilities remaining from the old Duluth Air Base, where during its history had 2,500 – 3,000 USAF personnel stationed at any one time in several mission critical activities ranging from 24 hour a day aircraft on alert to maintenance to flying ops to administration to nuclear materials which were stored at the old Air Base for several years.