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About the Hangar


installing_wingThe CAF Lake Superior Squadron 101 is located in Hangar 101, which dates to 1948 and for almost three decades was an aircraft maintenance hangar at the Duluth AB.  The hangar was abandoned in 1982 when the USAF shut down the Air Base and the SAF remained its  heating system removed. The hangar had several additions during the course of active use by USAF which spanned 1948 – 1976.

The hangar which was state of the art when built was like many other aircraft maintenance squadrons located around the continental United States during the Cold War.  The hangar has been under a lease with the Duluth Airport Authority since the beginning in 1999 and continued on through. Since the mid 1990s the hangar has had roof issues with its built-up roof which was replaced in 1995 but not the best work was done. Since then the CAF LSS 101 has spent tens of thousands of dollars to repair the roof and facility including but not limited to:

  • New siding on the front of the building as well as south side of the building.
  • Windows have been repaired or replaced all over the facility.
  • Untold amount of junk which was left by the USAF has been hauled away over the years.
  • Electrical issues and plumbing issues have all been dealt with by volunteers of Lake Superior Squadron.